Relieve and Prevent Back Pain Comfortably and Safely

Have you ever draped yourself over furniture to stretch your back? Or, do you put your hands on your lower back and try to bend backwards to stretch? Do you place pillows under your back, trying to arch and stretch it? You know you need to bend backwards because your body is telling you, begging you! We know, because we used to do all these same things until we discovered The Body Archer. Invented by a California certified massage therapist and approved by orthopedists, physical therapists and fitness professionals, The Body Archer is the first and only way to stretch the back and upper body muscles passively, in a completely relaxed state, using a gentle arched cushion, your own body weight, gravity and safe linear rocking motion. When not being used for stretching, The Body Archer is a wonderfully comfortable and therapeutic chair.  There is absolutely nothing like it on the market today and customers who try it always fall in love with The Body Archer! Read more…

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The Body Archer At A Glance

  • The Body Archer allows muscles to relax and slowly stretch, while securely supporting your body in an arched position, comfortably and safely. Arched stretching is preferred by most doctors over linear stretches.
  • It's the only product of its kind that involves effortless movement, the key to effective stretching. Muscles cannot fully stretch if they're working. The Body Archer gives you the perfect combination of comfort and safety... Much more stable than a ball.
  • Designed as a piece of fine furniture, The Body Archer attractively blends in with any home or office decor and remains readily available at all times. There's no need to hide it in the closet when not in use!
  • Extremely comfortable as a chair, promoting better posture, increased movement when sitting (it rocks!), better circulation, increased energy and reduced risks associated with sitting for long periods of time.
  • Can also be used for abdominal and leg exercises.
  • Made in Los Angeles, California USA using quality materials and durable construction. Patent Pending