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 How Does The Body Archer Help Relieve Back Pain?

Invented by a certified massage therapist and approved by top orthopedists and physical therapists, The Body Archer is the answer for stretching your spine and upper body in the preferred arched position. It also functions as a super comfortable chair, and it’s so attractive you can proudly feature it in any home or office environment. Increases flexibility, improves posture, and relieves back pain starting at your neck all the way to the base of your spine, using only gravity and your own body weight. The result is a wonderful, full body stretch that leaves you feeling relaxed and reinvigorated!


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Sit, Stretch and Strengthen

  • Reviewed and approved by top orthopedists and physical therapists for superior stretching and decompression of the spine and to help relieve and prevent back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Replace your "ergonomic" desk chair and sit more comfortably for hours with greater movement, better posture and increased circulation. The Body Archer is standard chair height at 20".
  • The Body Archer is currently used by many fitness trainers for various exercises, as well.
  • Available in several colors and finishes. Unlike most fitness equipment, it's actually an attractive piece of furniture that fits right into the decor of any room.